The project

Arduino ( the prefered open-source physical computing
platform that is revolutionising the interactive arts and PureData, the prefered open-source visual programming software, meets up to create an amazing set of tools for VJ’s

Pure Data (PD) is a real-time graphical programming environment
for audio, video, and graphical processing. It is one of the most flexible
tools available for creators working with real-time media. PD runs
on Linux, OSX and Windows.

This presentation/workshop introduces participants in hardware creation and visual programming software as PD to run visual live acts as vj or video artist do…

The aim of the workshop is to learn how to create your own phisical interface to manipulate videos in real time using PD with [GEM]

One day of intense work is needed…

Just with basic electronic and programming skills and any participant can succeed.

Teachers will bring an exclusive PCB design and a small sized box where all what you need will fit perfectly…


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